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Nationally Recognized 手术护理, Close to Home

Day Kimball Healthcare offers a wide range of surgical care, from complex and specialized surgeries to minor procedures. We work with some of the region's best surgeons and offer some of the latest surgical technologies. Our personalized patient care ensures an integrated and seamless experience.

Our surgical facilities at 戴金宝医院 include our 流动护理病房 and four operating rooms in our Brousseau Surgical Suite, located within the Hale Medical Pavilion. 

Our 手术护理 Services Include:

  • 乳房手术

    Working in concert with our integrated 妇女的健康 care services, 癌症治疗 services and Breast Health Program, Day Kimball Healthcare provides comprehensive breast surgery within a coordinated and compassionate environment.

  • 心脏手术

    Working closely with your cardiologist, our surgical care team can perform expert pacemaker implants and battery changes in a comfortable setting that’s 离家近.

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  • 结直肠手术

    Minimally invasive surgical colorectal procedures mean greater accuracy with less pain and shorter recovery times. 

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  • da Vinci Xi Surgical Robot

    Day Kimball Healthcare has added the da Vinci Xi Surgical System, the most advanced minimally invasive option for a variety of surgical treatments, to our suite of surgical services.  Our highly-skilled team of surgeons can now perform minimally invasive procedures with greater precision, 小切口, and faster recovery times than ever before.

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  • 耳、鼻 & 喉咙手术

    DKH's surgical care team and associated otolaryngologists are skilled in performing a variety of surgeries and procedures for common ear, nose and throat conditions.

    去耳朵,鼻子 & 喉咙手术
  • 内窥镜服务

    DKH's Endoscopy Suite within the 流动护理病房 at 戴金宝医院 offers comprehensive endoscopic services through our 流动护理病房 for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and conditions.

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  • 眼科手术

    DKH's associated Ophthalmologist is highly skilled at both medical and surgical eye care and works closely with the rest of our surgical team to provide you with exceptional care before, during and after your surgery.

  • 普通外科

    We offer a wide range of surgical care, from complex and specialized surgeries to minor procedures.

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  • 妇科手术

    We provide comprehensive gynecological surgery, and our OB/GYN physicians have extensive experience performing minimally invasive and highly specialized gynecological surgeries.

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  • 臀部 & 膝盖 Replacement Surgery

    DKH uses advanced robotic surgery using 3D imaging and computer guided precision, personalizing each patient's surgical plan based on their unique anatomy, resulting in more accurate joint surgery.

    去嘻哈 & 膝盖 Replacement Surgery
  • 整形外科手术

    We provide a complete array of orthopedic surgical care, including: hip and knee replacement; spine care and surgery; hand, elbow and shoulder surgery; and foot and ankle surgery.

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  • 脊柱外科手术

    Our board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializes in spinal medicine and surgery, and develops an individualized treatment plan for each patient that might include physical therapy, 按摩保健, 针灸, medications and other options.

  • 泌尿外科手术

    We offer high-quality urology surgery care for related conditions including cystoscopies, 碎石术, 和输尿管镜, 离家近.

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